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Shard managed Hosting solution [ 24 X 7 support]

Basic pack

500 mb space(linked to one domain ) + 1 My SQL db + 3 email ids + control panel + 2 GB data transfer per month.

Mid business pack

1000 mb space (linked to one domain ) + 1 My SQL db + 3 email ids + control panel + 10 Gb data transfer per month.

Business pack

3000 mb space (linked to one domain ) + 2 My SQL db + 10 email ids + control panel + 15 Gb data transfer per month.

Note : Upgrade packs available

Student project pack - Linux hosting with MySQL db - $ 1 per month - pay one year upfront cost and get 2 months free hosting . [ 1 sub domain + 300 mb host space + ftp ]

Web Hosting

24/7 Technical Support

Get your websites, shopping cart online in no time.Rs. 2100 per year.When it comes to support, we care for your business . Problems are inevitable regardless of the host. Our devotion to quality truly shows in way of our instant support.

Scalable and Flexible

If you need to increase your disk space or even add a new server or resource, DBC puts the power of scalability in your hands.

One of the greenest options

DBC energy-efficient partnered datacenter makes sure we have the minimum carbon footprint for our web hosting services, resulting in an environmentally friendly hosting environment.

User Interface

DBC brings you the best possible web hosting experience with our dynamic network and exclusive features. Our control panel, cPanel and WebsitePanel supports 23 languages and 14 different themes. Our in-house anti-spam/anti-virus products ensures that your inbox has zero spam emails.


Business Email buisness-email

True 100% email delivery ,SLA with 25GB per mail box. Works with your favorite desktop software like Outlook, Thunderbird or any other POP/IMAP client. Login from any internet connection to send and receive mail or manage your calendar and tasks. Sync mail and folders from Email directly to your iPhone, Android Mobile or other mobile devices.


Cloud Hosting cloud-hosting

Powerful, flexible, on-demand hosting with instant setup.Our SSD hard drives! With SSD hard drives, you can expect much faster disk I/O performance as compared to a traditional storage medium (e.g. SATA). If your site is read/write heavy (lots of dynamic content or databases), our SSD cloud servers will dramatically improve your site's performance, resulting in a much-improved user experience..


Managed Dedicated Server

Branded, fully managed dedicated servers India ready to go live in twelve hours.We proudly offer managed services on our entire product line of Linux and Windows dedicated servers. We don't define plans for support, nor do we try to upsell you. Unlimited hours of technical support are included for free.